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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Criminal Sentence 128: Dollars dollars and cents cents

From the CNN crawl:

"$25 million dollars"

This reads twenty-five million dollars dollars. Now if someone is giving me that amount, I won't complain, but otherwise, I must protest. The dollar sign ($) and the word "dollars" are the same, so you need only one, usually the dollar sign.


Krista said...

This drives me crazy, too. It's similar to .25 cents (the symbol for cents).

Laura Jayne said...

One that makes me laugh is...

ATM Machine

bits and pieces said...

Also PIN Number as well as TIN Number :)

Westley Turner said...

My kids cringe when we go into Wal-Mart. There is almost always a cart right by the door that has a few left-over items that they are pushing. When the tag says ".25¢" I either rip off the '.' or the '¢' whichever is easier. My kids run for the dark corners. :-)