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Friday, June 10, 2011

Criminal Sentence 560: An Apostrophe in Paris

From a review of Woody Allen's latest film, "Midnight in Paris" (which I liked):

"...its a bit thin and glib to call a masterpiece, but it's still a delicious trifle..."

Which its/it's is incorrect, apostrophe and film buffs?


Marilee Matheson said...

The first one needs an apostrophe.

Anonymous said...

The first "its" is incorrect -- it must be "it's"

The Sentence Sleuth said...

Both of you are correct!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there's always an apostrophe for the contraction of "it is", e.g. "It's always my cat that hisses!"

If the meaning isn't "it is" then there's no apostrophe, e.g. "My cat wags its tail all the time."

Angry cat!