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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Commas in nouns of address

A reader sent me this funny story:

My friend is doing a birthday party for her husband. She just now phoned me from the bakery. She wanted them to put the following on the cake:

Happy 80th Birthday, Bill

They were trying to tell her that they NEVER put a comma after the word “birthday” in something like that. They were being a bit obstinate about it, so Sharon called the “official Grammarian of Grossmont High School” (even if I am retired).

Well, of course, I told her, “Put that comma there, Baby! You’re 100% correct. “Bill” is a noun of direct address, and nouns of direct address are always set off by commas!

Ah, the beat goes on………

and I replied:

well good for you!!!!

Did you hear the rest of the story yet??

I think this is what they put on the cake:

Happy 80th Birthday comma Bill


Myk said...

Haha! Then you must check out these two links: Link 1, Link 2. Slideshow photos 2-4, 9, and 12 are hilarious!

Sharon Kirk Clifton said...

LOL! The big surprise there is that they spelled comma correctly. They could have said, "Happy Birthday coma Bill."

HighSociety said...

Following what Myk said, you must also check out Cake Wrecks:

It is an awesome site with pictures of cakes gone horribly wrong, and many of them are spelling/grammar mistakes. Delightful for us grammar police!

prashant said...
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