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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Poll Results 149

The question:

Which is incorrect?

I feel like it looks fantastic.
21 (25%)
I feel like sleeping more.
5 (6%)
I feel like you're not listening.
4 (4%)
None is incorrect.
21 (25%)
More than one is incorrect.
31 (37%)

Congratulations to 37% of you. The first and third answers are incorrect. You need to use "as if" instead of "like." For more info, check out this Grammar Girl episode.


Westley said...

I seem to miss that one often. The clue is what comes after the intro (what comes after the 'like' or 'as if'). If what follows is a clause, then use 'as if'. If what follows is a phrase, then use 'like'.

The Sentence Sleuth said...

Yes, if a verb is in it (a clause), then you use "as if."