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Monday, January 31, 2011

Poll Results 119

Here was our question:

Is this sentence incorrect? "They crashed to the ground, taking all fourteen crew to their death."

Definitely yes
44 (48%)
Definitely no
33 (36%)
14 (15%)

Tricky. I would go with maybe. "Deaths" sounds better, but it's not wrong to say "death." For more info on this topic, see here.


Anonymous said...

It dangles.

Ashley said...

I thought the issue might be a missing word after crew. I wanted to say "fourteen crew what?" Crewmen, members?

Nadine said...

Hey Ashley, same here :)

Anonymous said...

The error is that the verbal phrase "taking all fourteen crew to their death(s)" has no subject. What takes them to their death? A plane, obviously. "Plane" needs to be the subject of the sentence. As it stands the participle phrase "dangles."