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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poll Results 57

This was the question:

How many errors are in this sentence? "The paramedic, who tried to staunch the flow of blood rushed patient to the hospital."

16 (11%)
81 (56%)
42 (29%)
5 (3%)

So 29% of you are correct. Here are the three errors:

1) To staunch should be to stanch. These two words are confused all the time. Staunch is an adjective meaning firm, as in I am a staunch believer in good spelling. Stanch is a verb that means to stop the flow, as in I stanched the flow of blood coming from my head.
2) You can't have just one comma. You need either two (the second one would be after blood) or none, depending on the context.
3) The word the is missing before patient.

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I was in Italy. I highly recommend Pompeii!


Anonymous said...

May I ask where the extract was from? "Staunch" as a verb meaning to stop the flow of something is correct usage in British English. See Chambers dictionary:

The Sentence Sleuth said...

I actually made the bad sentence up. It appears you're right about staunch, but I believe that in the USA stanch is preferred.
Thanks for your comment.