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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Criminal Sentence 296: A Recomandation for Spammers

The title of a junk e-mail I received and laughed at:

"A recomandation from a friend"

None of my friends misspell words in that way.

Being a spammer must be a hard job: all that rejection. Not that I want to encourage spammers, but they might get more people to open their e-mail messages if they spelled simple words correctly.


Myk said...

Being some sort of tech support agent, I know spammers do intentionally misspell words to avoid spam filters and still be able to direct their messages to target inboxes. For instance, instead of typing "breast enhancement" in the subject line, they do it like, "brseat enhancmant." The message gets past spam filters targeting the words "breast" or "enhancement" (as these are words not commonly used by people's legit contacts in communicating with one another) and it can still be read by the recipients despite the letters being scrambled/misspelled.

Spammers are getting smarter, though they don't appear to be grammatically wise. Oh, if we could just get all these people away from their computers, our emailing lives would be so much better.

The Sentence Sleuth said...

Thanks for enlightening me, or should I write Thnaks fr enlghitening em?
Crzy hw you cna raed badyl speled wrds.

Zewz said...

I read somewhere about misspelling words, and as long as you have the right first and last letter, and the correct length of the word - anyone can read it almost fluently. Pretty amazing actually.