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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Criminal Sentence 268: Me, Me, Me

From an article about a taxi driver who donated his kidney to a woman he drove to dialysis (and who was prompted by a higher power to do so):

"The Phoenix taxi driver said [that] he was a man of faith and that a higher power wanted him to step in."'By then, me and the good Lord already had a talk.'"

He did a good deed, but me don't like his statement. "I" is the correct pronoun here: "The good Lord and I..."

And I added the missing "that," which makes the sentence completely parallel.

1 comment:

ambero said...

There is a pervasive and insidious trend among journalists to excise virtually every instance of the word "that." It drives me insane. Sometimes the sentences are fine without it, but oftentimes they're a complete muddle!