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Friday, September 12, 2008

Criminal Sentence 91: More Incorrect Apostrophe's

From an ad from a nursery:

Available to Everyone
Residential or Commercial

Home Owners
Golf Courses
Land Mgt. Co's

Some grammarians allow an apostrophe plus an "s" after an acronym like HOA, so I guess I don't have a quibble with H.O.A.'s. As far as Co's, that is OK because it is an abbreviation. I do, however, object to Business'. That is definitely wrong. What I don't get is the writer pluralized apartments and other nouns correctly (no apostrophe). It must just be a careless error, but I still can't imagine making it.

1 comment:

Joy-Mari Cloete said...

Isn't it Grammar Girl who advocates forming plurals with apostrophes only when doing otherwise would create a new word?

I love such simple advice.