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Monday, September 8, 2008

Poll Results 3

Here was the question:

The following sentence appears in a paragraph about a forgery. Is there anything wrong with it? The "Picasso" was very convincing.

This actually isn't a criminal sentence at all. There is actually nothing wrong with the sentence, so congratulations to those who answered that it's perfect as is. See this post for an explanation of quotation marks. Because we're talking about forgery, the Picasso picture isn't really a Picasso picture, so that's why "Picasso" is in quotation marks.


Mahashakti Dasi said...

Dear Sentence Sleuth,

In the last polling sentence to vote for which sentence has the error:

He had had six hours' sleep when the alarm went off.

I was wondering why hours has an apostrophe at the end? Obviously it is because it is plural, but does it always? And is it ok to write "He had had. . . " I speak like that myself but when it's written it seems awkward.
Any comments you make will be welcome.
Thanks you.

The Sentence Sleuth said...

All will be revealed when the poll closes. Look for the explanation next Monday morning.