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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Criminal Sentence 53: Lose or Loose?

From the directions to a game my daughter got for her birthday:

"If the pyramid falls, you loose."

Way to teach those young ones good spelling.

"Lose" means not win. "Loose" means not tight.


Zachariah Parry said...

I just read an excerpt from a letter that I thought you would appreciate:

"Your client can, at his soul cost, begin his audit at any time during regular business hours."

That's one audit I wouldn't be able to afford.

The Sentence Sleuth said...

That is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

In Criminal Sentence 52 you said "only one exclamation point is necessary." But then again,immediately afterward you've used two. Any afterthoughts or emphasis?

The Sentence Sleuth said...

Anonymous, I guess I should follow my own advice!! (I mean, advice!)
Will try not to overdo the exclamation points!