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Monday, July 7, 2014

Criminal Sentence 665B: God vs Devil

This should technically be Criminal Sentence 666 but I know that this number bothers some people. So I'm making it 665B. Before I get to the exciting criminality of the sentence, this 666 business reminds me of an interesting moment in my video store cashier life in about 1989. The total came to $6.66 but the woman said, "I'm not paying that amount. I'll pay you $6.65 or $6.67." I suggested one cent over. 

Anyway, here is a sign I saw while at a red light earlier today (I didn't have time to snap a photo):

"God love's you."

The Devil's work or just carelessness?

Criminal Sentence 665A: Governing Rules

From the paper:

"As governor, Arizonans will know where I stand."

As governor, I will not write misplaced modifiers!!"

I suppose politicians know more about laws than grammar, but I still feel like complaining about this candidate's statement. 

A few years ago I actually did meet this man because we shared the same trainer and my session was after his sometimes. If I meet him again I'll probably not mention this oops.