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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Criminal Sentence 629: Number Nonsense

A story in today's paper has the headline "Obama, Romney make a few factual missteps." But then the last line of this article is this:

"In 2012, that favorability figure had fallen to 80 percent to 14 percent."


The sentence before read "In 2008, 84 percent of the world had a positive view of the United States and 14 percent negative."

Based on this sentence, I guess they meant to say

"In 2012, that favorability figure had fallen to 80 percent."

Friday, October 19, 2012

Criminal Sentence 628: Slwightly Misspelled

I was reading a national publication and came across this sentence:

"Consumer prices nudged up slwightly in 2012, so the average retiree, who gets $1,237 a month, will see an increase of just about $18."

I was slwightly disturbed the magazine didn't use Spell Check!