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Monday, January 9, 2012

Poll Results 165

Here was the question:

What, if anything, is wrong here? "In cases where information here should take precedent over the official guides, it will be very clearly stated with the explanation."

Nothing is wrong.
3 (8%)
Nothing is wrong, but the sentence could be edited down.
10 (28%)
The spelling is wrong.
4 (11%)
The spelling is wrong, and the sentence could be edited down.
3 (8%)
The grammar is wrong.
1 (2%)
The grammar is wrong, and the sentence could be edited down.
14 (40%)

Congratulations to 40% of you. One definitely wrong item is "precedent," which should be "precedence." In addition, the comparison of "information" to "style guides" is not grammatical. Further, the sentence is wordy. I would rewrite as follows:

"The explanation will clearly state when information here should take precedence over that in the official guides."

Still not perfect, but much better!

(P.S. I probably should have added another choice: "The spelling and grammar are wrong, and the sentence could be edited down." Sorry about that oversight!)

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