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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My apologies to blog readers

I know I haven't posted that much this year, and I wanted to apologize! It's an extremely busy month. I promise to get back to complaining about others' grammar and punctuation soon!


ChildsPlay said...

No apologies necessary. I think we all understand life getting busy. It will be good to see you posting again, however.

Naku said...

Had it not been for your second sentence, your first would have been wrong, logically. Both you and I know the year 2012, "this year", has just begun, and I'm sure you'll have so many important blog posts in the next eleven months! To say you've not posted much (or should it be 'many'?) is, therefore, wrong. Anyway, I offer you my belated New Year greetings, and I look forward to learning a lot this year, too.

The Sentence Sleuth said...

Seems to me that "this year" is pretty clearly 2012. I suppose I could have specified 2012. Thanks for being picky, Naku!

Naku said...

I learned to be picky (when I can) from grammarians like no other than yourself! I doubt if I'm grammatically right here.