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Monday, July 25, 2011

Poll Results 143

Here was the question:

What's wrong here? "In addition to eating calcium-rich foods, she also takes daily calcium pills."

14 (32%)
4 (9%)
9 (20%)
16 (37%)

Well, I agree with 37% of you. It's wordy because you don't need "In addition" and "also" in one sentence. Just one gives off the impression of plurality.


Warsaw Will said...

I think a bit of context would help with these examples. This doesn't look to me as though it's from a desperately serious text, a magazine article perhaps.
The 'also' may not be strictly necessary, but it does add emphasis (just like my 'does' there). Without it, I find the sentence is just a bland statement of facts. That 'also' stresses just how important calcium is to her.

The Sentence Sleuth said...

WW, it was from a newspaper article. You're right that it was a bland sentence. "She eats calcium-rich foods and takes daily calcium pills" would be much better.