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Monday, July 11, 2011

Poll Results 141

Here was the question:

What's wrong with this sentence? "The most interesting third person narratives jump into character's heads to show their thought processes."

Verb problem(s)
2 (2%)
Punctuation problem(s)
35 (46%)
Grammar problem(s)
18 (23%)
More than one of these problems.
21 (27%)

Congrats to 46% of you. The main error is that "character's" should be "characters'," since you are talking about more than one character. A minor error is another punctuation problem, a missing hyphen in "third-person narratives."

1 comment:

Westley said...

As an aside, my personal preference in writing third person is to stick to ONE character's mind. Some third person writing is from the POV of a fly on the wall: only reporting what can be seen externally, but an alternative is to write from the POV of one of the characters.

Bouncing back and forth, into and out of heads, all around the room, just tires me out. Almost everyone I know has spent their entire life in just one head, so I tend to write that way as well.