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Monday, February 7, 2011

Poll Results 120

The question:

Which of these is correct?

Get ahold of yourself.
10 (11%)
She traveled to afar off land.
0 (0%)
I became apart of the family.
3 (3%)
More than one is correct.
5 (5%)
All are wrong.
67 (78%)

This seemed to be a hard one. Congrats to 11% of you. The phrase "ahold of" is actually correct. I had to look it up several times just to be sure.
The incorrect items should have been like this:
a far-off land
a part of the family


Westley said...

Is the current poll broken? The question is new, but the answers are old and locked.

Westley said...

Wow! Never mind. It just fixed itself. I guess I should reboot every so often. :-)