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Friday, February 25, 2011

National Grammar Day Contest

March 4 is National Grammar Day. In honor of this momentous occasion, you can win a free copy of Grammar Girl's book.

Here's how:

In the Comments section of this post, write a sentence that contains a hilarious misplaced modifier. An example of a misplaced modifier is "Flying around the room, I saw a bird."

The deadline is midnight Pacific time on March 3. I'll decide which one is funniest, and I'll reveal the winner on March 4.


Chelle said...

Here's something I said minutes before reading this post: "I got access to the systems I'll be using today."

I immediately corrected myself by saying, "TODAY, I received access to the systems I'll be using."

Westley said...

May I quote one from years gone by, one that I often use as an example of a seriously misplaced modifier?

Leaking badly, the sailors abandoned the ship.

Whether it works or not, students at least are entertained for a moment, and it works wonders for getting the attention of those not listening. :-)

Dawa Tshering said...

Precariously clinging to a cliff with the help of a rope, the rope snapped after a short while and he plunged to his death!

Balaji Velayudham said...

Rama says to Sita, " I love you only".

Here if we shift only to any other place of the sentence, every time the meaning gets changed

ZPHS P.C.Gunta
Baireddipalli Mandal
Chittoor Dt.

ChildsPlay said...

On the radio this morning, they were discussing funny product labels. One was:

Remove child before folding.

Anonymous said...

At first he didn't want the shot in the arm, but in the end he didn't mind.

rookster said...

Too bad Anonymous is anonymous, that one had me laughing.

I think this one has two misplaced modifiers:

"Laughing uncontrollably, the car swerved and Tom flew through the windshield when it hit a tree."