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Monday, October 18, 2010

Poll Results 107

Here was the question:

Which sentence is correct?

You should taylor it for specifics.
11 (5%)
The rewards far out way the risks.
7 (3%)
She said that she was able to make
due by staying overnight at local farms.
19 (10%)
Turn the paper over to the backside.
15 (8%)
All are wrong.
133 (71%)

You guys are smart! Congrats to 71% of you.

tailor it
make do
the back side


Higor Cavalcante said...

Just heard about you listening to Grammar Girl and absolutely loved all the podcasts you've written. I've just ordered your book and am well on the way to becoming a full-blown fan and stalker.

PS: The "stalker" part is not actually true since I'm from Brazil, but the "fan" part? Hell, yeah!

The Sentence Sleuth said...

Why, thank you, stalker! Two more GG podcasts coming in April!