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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Criminal Sentence 138: Baby Jesus Is Nowhere in Sight

An error I come across a lot:

"Wanted: Marketing Manger"

I've trained myself to do a double take whenever I see the word "manager" because sometimes a "manger" wants to slip in. Although it is the Christmas season at the moment, marketing pieces don't usually need to involve mangers.


reechard said...

Hey there, Grammar Girl!

I'd like to share a pet peeve that I seem to run across frequently: "loose" vs. "lose," when one "o" is needed, two are used, and vice versa. Aaaargh!

Keep up the excellent work! I've been known to point bloggers with grammar deficiencies at your content.
-Richard Walker

reechard said...

I'm sorry Bonnie! I know you aren't the same person as Grammar Girl... but I've managed to confuse the two of you.

Pardon my aging gray cells :-)