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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Criminal Sentence 137: One or More Clerks?

From a thriller I'm reading:

"The courtroom was dark and the clerk's pod next to the bench was empty."

I'm no lawyer or judge, but I have a feeling that this pod is an area where clerks for judges work. Unless you're in this book, where only one clerk ("clerk's pod) works tirelessly for who knows how many demanding judges.

Assuming there is more than one clerk, this should be "clerks' pod."

If you're a lawyer, correct me if I'm wrong.


Bryan said...

At least here in Illinois, I would expect there to be only one clerk. Thus clerk's would be correct.

The Sentence Sleuth said...

To me, pod suggests a cluster of items, perhaps a cluster of offices? So there would be a bunch of clerks in these offices?

Doug and Amanda said...

I think of a pod as some type of enclosure, like a cubicle, for example. Who knows?