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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Criminal Sentence 35: Incompletes

From an article on a restaurant I like:

"The garden of eatin' pizza ($13.75 for a 12-inch pizza; $12 for an 18-inch pizza), a sauceless pizza with marinated roma tomatoes, basil and garlic in olive oil, topped with mozzarella cheese and splashed with balsamic vinegar."

Sounds delicious, but the sentence is missing a main verb: is ("is topped with..."). This kind of sentence is known as an incomplete sentence or a fragment.

Did you catch the other fragment I used above on purpose? This one is missing a subject:

"Sounds delicious."


Susan said...

No subject listed, but the subject is understood, so does not have to be written. "Sounds delicious" reads different and has a lighter, more spontaneous, more conversational tone than "That sounds delicious" or "It sounds delicious" or "That pizza sounds delicious."

The Sentence Sleuth said...

I agree with your comments about "Sounds delicious." I used that incomplete sentence on purpose. It's fine to throw in an incomplete sentence now and then if you want to keep readers on their toes. But the criminal sentence was taken from a restaurant review, so I think the writer was just careless.
Thanks for your comments.