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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poll Results 169

Sorry about the delay. I've been moving, and things have been crazy.

Here are the results of the latest poll:

How many definitely wrong errors are in this sentence? "A super-skilled Agent will setup and secure your network and three devices."

2 (2%)
12 (17%)
37 (54%)
17 (25%)

I agree with 54% of you. The two errors are as follows:

1) "Agent" does not need to be initial capped.
2) "setup" needs to have a space: "set up."

Tell me what third error you saw!


ChildsPlay said...

I was part of the 54% and agree that it should have been "set up." I work in IT, and using "setup" (no space) as a verb is the norm.

Lee said...

I agree with ChildsPlay,

In IT, setup is used instead of set up.

Because of this I failed the test :-(