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Monday, November 21, 2011

Poll Results 160

The question:

Which sentence is correct?

The turban turned slowly in the wind.
29 (41%)
She earned more then $100,000 last year.
2 (2%)
It's not fare that you get more candy!
0 (0%)
I'll meat you at the mall.
1 (1%)
Two are correct.
10 (14%)
All are incorrect.
28 (40%)

Congratulations to 40% of you!

Here are the corrected sentences:

The turbine turned slowly in the wind.
She earned more than $100,000 last year.
It's not fair that you get more candy!
I'll meet you at the mall.


Duncan said...

I voted "Two are correct".. and I stand by that choice.. in your list of sentences that you provided.. the following two are correct:

1. "Two are correct"
2. "All are incorrect"

The poll was poorly structured.. it was no readily apparent that the last two sentences were not to be parsed by participants for grammatical correctness.

I parsed all sentences, identified that the last two were correct, and then correctly chose "Two are correct".

I am the 14%


Westley said...

Interesting tack taken on a grammar site: using logic. I don't think the two necessarily relate. :-)
But on that topic, if you claim that both of the last two are correct, then you also claim that none of them are correct, because one of your 'correct' sentences says that all are incorrect.

The problem comes in the self-denying statement: "This sentence is false." It can be shown to be neither true nor false (or both at the same time) because either one is contradicted by the statement itself. You may read more about it at

Anonymous said...

Haha. In reading the first option I came up with a lovely mental image of a turban (unraveled) hanging off of a balcony and turning slowly in the wind.