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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Criminal Sentence 274: Agreement Problems

Two sentences from an online article:

1) "Their secret: thin crust, half the cheese, and extra vegetables."
2) "The restaurant boasts about their perfect-sized lunch combos as if super-sized individual pizzas and high-calorie 'side' salads are a good thing."

Both of these sentences suffer from the same problem: the number of items don't match.

Sentence 1: "their secret" is singular, whereas what comes after the verb is plural (three things are listed).
Sentence 2: "a good thing" is singular, whereas what comes before the verb is plural.

Both nouns (secret/thing) should be plural to match the other side of the equation.


Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree with the first...the combination of the three things is the secret. I find the use of pronoun their with the restaurant more grating!

Anonymous said...

The second sentence is also correct.

In this context "a good thing" means a fact, situation, circumstance, or state of affairs. It has to be written with "thing" singular.

Sunny days are one good thing about Florida.

If you made "thing" plural, it would be wrong.

123 123 said...
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